Frequently Asked Questions

How do I redeem my code from G2A?

Log in to the site with your Steam account and redeem the code at the frontpage. You will immediately receive a trade request.

I was charged, but my payment was declined!

G2A will sometimes decline payments after they are paid. This is out of our control, and you will need to contact G2A directly for more information when this happens. After your payment is declined, G2A will issue a full refund. However, due to how the global financial system works, this refund may take up to 7 business days to appear in your account.

I get an error that says "We are sorry, but your transaction has been declined by our security system."

This error means that your payment was declined by G2A. We have no control over this, and you will need to contact G2A directly for more information.

How long do I have to wait after redeeming my code?

You will immediately receive a trade request with a LIVE status update. There is NO wait time, we do not sell codes from items that we do not have.

Where do I update my Trade URL?

Update your Trade URL on the Settings page. You can find your Trade URL at

How do I receive my skin(s)?

You will receive your skins as a Trade Offer. When you redeem your code, you will see a link called "VIEW TRADE HERE". Click on it to view your Trade Offer or go to

Is the trade status live?

YES, we've worked hard on a live communication between the bots and the site. We want to be as transparent as possible. No hidden waiting time, you will immediately know it if there's an issue.

Help, my trade request failed !

A trade request can fail for numerous reasons.
- If you have recently changed your Steam Trade URL, make sure to update it again on the settings page !
- Make sure to set your Steam inventory to Public and have Steam Guard enabled for at least 15 days before the purchase. If you have recently changed your password, you will also need to wait 7 days before you can trade again. Check all the trade requirements at Steam requirements.
- A bot can only send 2-3 offers at the same time to one person, if you redeemed multiple codes make sure to accept the other trade requests first.

If none of these restrictions apply to you, contact us for more information ! You can also request a new trade on the Trade History page.

My trade is Active, but the trade link doesn't work.

Please wait 5 minutes. The Trade Request will be cancelled and you can request a new one. If it doesn't work afterwards, please contact us.

The bot is offline.

Our apologies for the trouble. The skins will be sent automaticaly once the bot is back online. The bot will go online after +- 10 minutes, wait a little bit longer !

I have been removed from the giveaway.

Your Steam name is checked multiple times per day, make sure that is in your name. You can always join the giveaway again on the frontpage.

Does the test roll represent the winning chance of a real roll?

The test roll is only a test roll and does not represent a real roll, check the terms of service for more information.

Is it safe to login with my Steam account?

Logging in with Steam will never provide us with any private information. Steam uses OpenID to login to third party websites.

Referral Program: How much diamonds do I receive for each case bought?

- AK-47 Case: 15
- M4A1-S Case: 15
- M4A4 Case: 15
- AWP Case: 15
- Random Case: 15
- Knife Case: 300
- Covert Case: 50
- Classified Case: 35
- Restricted Case: 15

Referral Program: I didn't receive any diamonds from my referrals.

You have to manually redeem your diamonds on the bottom of the page.

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